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2016-10-01 12:26 pm


Dear Yuletide Writer,
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2016-09-17 01:17 am

Trick or Treat Letter

Dear Creator,

I like a lot of things and my dislikes are very few so feel free to be as creative as you want with my requests. You’ll find some likes, ramblings and prompts below but they are by no means binding. I am not good at coming up with prompts for art, but please believe me when I say that I would be over the moon to receive any kind of fanart for my requested fandoms. My hope is that at least some of my prompts are going to be workable for fanart as well as fanfic.

I am open to both tricks or treats in all fandoms. Most of the prompts can be interpreted in either way.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need clarification on anything, and most of all, have fun!

General likes (fanfic): darkfic, death and despair, horror, humor, smut, worldbuilding, casefic, drabbles, awful people being awful, unreliable narrators.

General likes (fanart): vivid colors, humor, darkness, storytelling, nonfigurative art.
DNWs: suicide, mundane AUs, domestic fluff, breathplay, smut involving minors under 16, crossovers.

Baldur’s Gate

Jan Jansen is the perfect addition to every Baldur’s Gate party. He goes along with everybody, doubles as a mage/thief and he’s never, ever boring. I prefer putting him in an evil party because of the banter, but I know he’s going to be there regardless when I do my 23th replay of Baldur’s Gate II.

When it comes to art fills I think it would be interesting to see something completely different than the art we see in the game. I can’t conceive of any scenario where smut and Jan Jansen can coexist, but if your imagination takes you there you’re welcome to try.


Turnipfest 2016.

What is Jan’s take on giant space hamsters? Has he ever met anyone before?

How does Illusion magic work?

How would Jan fare in Baldur's Gate 2. Would he take down Sarevok singlehandedly or would he trip and fall the first time he happened to encounter a kobold?

Dangan Ronpa

So…it is not going very well for my three new favorite Dangan Ronpa characters. Chisa is a despairifed child killer, Munakata is walking around angsting with his katana and Juzo is lying in a ditch somewhere, cut in half by the only man he truly loved. Despite this, I really, really adore these three characters and I ship them vehemently in all configurations. If you do art I would love to see something done in soft pastels like the Zetsubou-hen opening.


Juzo: Where does his burning desire to punch the shit out of everything in his way come from? How did he end up being a boxer?

Munakata: What makes Munakata tick? Is there anything in this world that he gets excited about from hope and maybe Chisa? Does the man have any hobbies at all? Collecting katanas? Chess? Idk…lego?

Chisa: When Chisa were younger, what kind of future did she envision for herself? How did she think the future would turn out? What did she hope for?

Juzo/Munakata: I only see it goint two ways. Onesided pining or some kind of sexual relationship where Juzo is in love with Munakata and Munakata is only in it for the sex. The potential for angst is great either way. :)

Munakata/Chisa: She loves him, she even loves him so much that she is prepared to die for him? But what does she see in him?

Juzo/Chisa/Munakata: OT3 forever. I would like to see something from their past with all three of them together, even if it’s just them fighting despair together. Give me some sliver of happiness, or if that’s impossible you could do angst and pining and complicated feelings instead.

Fate/Stay Night and Related Fandoms

I love the whole Nasuverse and all of its characters, but Fate/Zero will always have a special place in my heart. I could request almost any character from /Zerro but I’ve chosen to fall back on my old standbys – Kotomine Kirei and Gilgamesh. The award for most loathsome character will always go to Zouken, but Gil and Kirei are not far behind. They have tons of chemistry together but they shine individually as well. Bonus points if any art fill includes Gilgamesh take on modern fashion.


Kirei/Gilgamesh: My gold standard pairing for awful people being awful together. I’m particularly fond of how Gilgamesh is basically manipulating Kirei into being the most terrible person he can be and Kirei is happily obliging because he’s on the road to self-discovery. I want something where they’re hanging out, drinking wine and being sociopaths together.

Kirei: Cooking time with Kotomine Kirei. In loving detail, please.

Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh interacts with the twentieth century and/or modern Japan.