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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First things first, I am pretty easy to write for. I like a lot of things and my dislikes are very few so feel free to be as creative as you want with my requests. Anything in my chosen fandoms will make me very happy. I firmly believe that optional details are optional and that writers should have fun writing their story. If my letter makes you despair and thinking of defaulting, please go ahead and disregard it completely and write the things you like.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need clarification on anything, and most of all, have fun!

AO3 name: xiuxi

General likes: mindfuck, unreliable narrators, humor, darkfic, general misery and despair, slightly fucked up porn, awful people being awful, hate sex, Lovecraftian horrors, worldbuilding, drabbles. darkfic, humor, porn, time travel, groundhog day scenarios, casefic.

DNW: everything involving excessive bodily fluids, breathplay, mundane AUs, porn involving minors under 16, domestic fluff, crossovers, suicide.

I tend to go for fic that’s either very dark or very funny. A combination of those two things is probably my holy grail of fanfiction. Dark comedy is probably my favorite thing in the world. I’m also very fond of all things meta and stories that play around with formats. Another big thing for me is worldbuilding, which I always adore in all fandoms. When it comes to ships I tend to go for the more dysfunctional, and I prefer at least some melancholy in happier fics. If you are one of the talented people who knows how to make interactive fiction (IF) I would be over the moon to receive that. I’m also pretty fond of drabbles.
The fandom section of this letter contains plenty of spoilers so proceed with caution if you’re unfamiliar with a fandom and would prefer to stay unspoiled.

80 Days

Requested Character: Phileas Fogg

I spent the first three months of 2016 playing through this gorgeous game over and over to get as much content out of it as possible. There is a lot to love about this game; the writing is absolutely amazing and the steampunk setting is beautifully done and amazing to explore, and it is based one of my favorite books from my childhood. The main draw for me, however is the travel. I’m a diehard, old school backpacker IRL and I have devoted a lot of time, energy and money into traveling as much as I possibly can. Unfortunately, neither my time and financial resources permit me to go on as many trips as I would, which is where 80 days comes in handy. For me, playing it feels just like going on a huge adventure and if I could get a Yuletide fic that could capture a fraction of that magic I would be extremely happy.

There is nothing I particularly ship in this canon, so I would prefer to receive gen. Background pairings (canon or non-canon) is totally fine though.


• Travel, travel, travel. Take Phileas to another part of the world that we haven’t seen yet. I would love to see more of Mexico. I would love to see more of China. I would love to see more of Japan. Or Indonesia. Or Finland. Or Benin …

• How would Phileas fare with another valet? Would he get anything accomplished? Fail the mission? Beat his own circumnavigation record?

• In the game is we get see everything through the eyes of Passepartout. Phileas Fogg remains some kind of stoic enigma. I would love to see something from Phileas POV that shows how he reacts to things that happens and what he really thinks about the state of the world.

Dangan Ronpa – The End of Hope’s Peak Academy

Requested Characters: Chisa Yukizome, Juzo Sakakura, Kyosuke Munakata

Sakakura/Munakata/Yukisome is my favorite OT3 in a long time. Somehow I really wanted those crazy kids to make it or at least be happy for a little while. Which didn’t happen – because Dangan Ronpa – but still…
I guess I want some kind of fix-it fic. Maybe fix-it is not the best term, because what I really want is angsty, complicated feelings, melodrama and a hint of despair. Juzo is in love with Munakata, but really respects Chisa. Kyosuke is in love with Chisa and completely oblivious to Juzo’s feelings. Chisa cares for Juzo and the whole triadic friendship, but is in love with Munakata. I don’t see this ending well, but I would love to see them try to sort it out (porn welcome, but optional).


• What did they do when they were students at Hope’s Peak Academy? How did they end up having a friendship?
• If the mutual killing game had gone another way and the three of them had survived, how would they have handled the aftermath?
• Fighting despair together. Or at least pretending to fight despair (in Chisa’s case).

Fate/Grand Order

Requested Character: Olga Marie Animusphere

Fate/Grand Order is some kind of weird amalgam of a moderately engaging mobile game, hideous amounts of disturbing fanservice and pure Nasuverse craziness. Naturally, being the diehard Type-Moon fan that I am, I love it to bits. My natural inclination is to gravitate towards the more assholey characters in every Fate/ incarnation, so I’ve requested Olga Marie. She intrigued me a lot when she was introduced in Fuyuki (the ending of that chapter was a sad moment indeed), as a character who is not particularly pleasant but who has a good reason to be that way. She’s a tsundere, which is a character archetype I enjoy, but there is not much dere there. What I’m looking for is basically some character exploration and whether you want to do a character study or weave in some plot elements is up to you. Worldbuilding is another option.
I’ve requested one character, which means that I expect to get gen but I would not be averse to some shipfic if rather want to write that (fate/ is one canon where I ship pretty much everyone with everyone, so go nuts if you’re so inclined).


• Expand on her back story. Something about her and her father or the whole Animusphere dynasty (what kind of name is Animusphere anyway?)

• Olga Marie and Her Merry Band of Servants. Due to some unknown event [insert headcanon of choice here], Olga Marie has gotten some master skills is now in charge of fixing a singularity. She has some loyal servants with her and she needs to fix it soon. My favorite servants are Nightingale, Rama, Darius, Jeanne Alter, Ushiwakamaru and Caster Cu, but you can still pretty much anyone in there. My relationship to fate( servant is pretty much like my relationship to Pokemon – gotta catch them all!

• Chaldea worldbuilding. How do you work on something like LAPLACE or SHIVA? What does an ordinary day at Chaldea look like?

Higurashi no naku koro ni

Requested Character: Rika Furude

Higurashi has a lot of tropes that I adore (groundhog day scenario, making use of the vidual novel format by telling the story through different but overlapping arcs) while simultaneously dealing a pretty raw emotional gut punch. I also love how the more depressing and horrific elements of the story is broken up by cute slice of life scenes.

Rika is my favorite character mainly due to her extreme resilience. There is also something about her loneliness and general numbness that really resonates with me. The contrast between her childlike persona and her more mature self is something that really interests me and something I would love to see explored in fic.


• Something post-canon that explores how she deals with happened to her and how she relates to her friends despite having been stuck in a time loop and killed over and over.

• How does Rika feel about being a shrine maiden? Does she continue to take on that role after Matsuribayashi-hen?

• Hanyuu and Rika discuss things. This could be the futility of life or the merits of wine and spicy food.


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